Luna Cenere is a 30 year old dancer from Napoli (Italy).
After working with several companies on the territory in 2011
she continued her studies at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria).
By the end of her studies she was selected as guest member of SEAD Bodhi Project,taking part in the creations of Anton Lacky(Anton Lacky Company/ Les Slovaks Collective ) and Josef Frucek (Rootlessroot).
In 2014 she worked with Simone Forti and Anton Lacky. In 2016 she became a member of Agitart Company (Spain) and Company Virgilio Sieni (Italy). Choreographer of the solo piece ‘Kokoro‘, selected by Aerowaves 2018 winner of the Price for the best Choreography for Solocoreografico 2017 Selected by ‘Residanza’ residency project in 2016, finalist of ‘DNA-Appunti Coreografici’ 2016, , and selected by the Network Anticorpi XL 2017.

Then follow the productions “Twin” premiered at the FOG / Triennale Festival in Milan and “Pneumatika” (work in progress) presented at the end of 2018 at T.A.N. in Naples, at the “La Democrazia del Corpo” festival in Florence and at the NAOcrea Festival in Milan.

Besides her work as interpreter and choreographer, Luna is also a certified teacher of contemporary dance by SEAD; she leads workshops of movement research and improvisation. Actually Luna lives and works between Italy and Belgium.

Luna Cenere