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‘Kokoro’ is a single Japanese word that we can translate as ‘inner self’ but that literally embraces two words, which are ‘mind’ and ‘heart’.
The solo is a personal research of the ‘unicity of the self’. An inner journey that became physic path through the space. The naked body, with it’s specific architecture, is exposed, transfigured, becoming a poetic medium; letting emerge elements that belongs to an imaginary word. These images as roots of a collective consciousness , sublimate in a personal story that becomes, through the scene, a collective experience.


Choreographed and performed by Luna Cenere
Music by Gerard Valverde
Light designer Gaetano Battista
Production Körper.
Collaboration to the production Virgilio Sieni/National Center of Production

Selected by :
Aerowaves Twenty18 Artist. Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore – Azione del Network Anticorpi XL coordinata dall’Associazione Cantieri. ‘DNA – Appunti Coreografici’ Giovani Coreografi Italiani 2016, Romaeuropa.

Winner of :
Prize for the Choreography by SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Showcase 2017 ’Residanza – La casa della nuova coreografia 2015 – CUNAE – Nuove Generazioni di artisti – Pratiche e processi per il ricambio generazionale dei giovani talenti 2015/2017 -Movimento Danza- MIBACT.’